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A little about us

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Founded in 2022, Little Creators Fine Arts program was crafted out of love for the fine arts and early childhood education. We created a program that perfectly blends preschool skills with art, music, dance and storytelling (acting).

Welcoming & Inclusive

We strive for all of our students and staff to feel welcome, loved and appreciated.

Exposure to Multiple Art Forms

Each class is designed to expose  students to music, art, movement, and story telling in an engaging and fun way. 

Passionate & Experienced Staff

We hire instructors and staff that love children, have a passion for education and have a background in an art discipline. 

 Key Preschool Skills

While learning the fine arts, students will begin to develop key preschool skills such as, listening, social and emotional, early literacy, fine motor  and more.

Individualized Lesson Plans

We create lesson plans that are individualized for each student to meet their interests and needs. 

Health & Safety

The health and safety of all of our students and staff are of utmost importance to us. All staff members are background checked and we ask that if you are sick please stay home. 

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