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About Little Creators 

Little Creators Fine Arts program was founded through the love of fine arts and early childhood education. We created a program that perfectly blends preschool skills with art, music, dance and storytelling (acting). Key components of our program are:

  • Striving for an inclusive and welcoming environment for both the students and staff. 

  • Hiring instructors and staff that have experience in and a passion for early childhood education, and a background in an art discipline.

  • Creating lesson plans that are individualized for the students interests and needs. 

  • Working on key preschool skills while learning a creative art form. Key preschool skills learned through our classes include but are not limited to: 

    • Listening

    • Social skills

    • Early Literacy Development

    • Early Math Development 

    • Fine Motor skills

    • Memory Development

    • Speech Development

    • Problem-solving 

    • Attention-span

    • Building Confidence

    • Emotional Development​

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