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Summer Camp Offerings

Little Creators Fine Arts Summer Camp

Our most popular class is now available as a camp this summer. Students will have the opportunity to explore all art forms in a fun and accessible way. Any level of creator between ages 3-12 are welcome for our camps.We have half day options and full day options. 

Art forms and skills learned through this camp: 

  • Music- appreciation, listening skills, instrument exploration, early music literacy

  • Art- develop fine motor skills through arts and crafts, including drawing, painting, scissor skills and group projects

  • Storytelling- work on listening skills, comprehension and memory skills by listening to stories, retelling/acting out stories, and creating our own stories.

  • Movement- work on gross motor skills by moving creatively, breathing exercises, yoga and dance. 

music carves.jpg

Note that online registration will close when we reach capacity or 1 week before the camp starts. Please call to check availability within 1 week of the camp 703.688.2978.

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