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Program Classes

Join us this Fall for our brand-new early childhood fine arts classes! Students will have the opportunity to sample each art form that our parent company, Shaun's String Studio has to offer while interacting with their peers.

Throughout each session, students will be able to work on coordination skills by experimenting with musical instruments, moving their bodies in creative ways, creating original artwork, and/or exploring creative play through storytelling, all while working on key preschool skills.

Classes run when local schools are closed for teacher work days or holidays or by appointment. Classes run from 8:30am-1:00pm. A full schedule of Little Creators Week Days can be found here 


Little Musicians

Sing along and instrument exploration class

Develop music appreciation, listening skills, memory skills and early music notation, counting skills and reading literacy.


Little Wigglers

Creative movement class

Develop spacial awareness, hand and eye coordination, and large motor skills while increasing physical activity and education.


Little Artists

Visual arts and crafts class

Learn shapes, letters, numbers and develop fine motor skills with creative art activities.


Little Storytellers

Acting and creative story class

Encourage imagination and creativity while developing speech, memory skills and confidence.


Little Lessons

Individual music and art lessons (15 min)

Work one-on-one with our instructors to strengthen the skills needed to graduate to our private lesson program. 


Coming Soon!

Little Creators 5 days a week Program - Spring 2023.

Classes run Monday-Friday from 8:30am-1:00 pm. All classes are 45 minutes with 15 min of free play before or after the class. You can pick and choose which classes you would like to sign up for, or sign up for all of them and receive a discount and one free Little Lesson! Our lead instructor has designed this program so that any level of artist between ages 3.5-5 can enjoy a fun and safe experience.

Limited space available, reserve your spot now!

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